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Name Sam Das
AKA servent
Birth 12/04/1984 (34 yrs old)
Gender Male
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Spiritual masterH.D.G......Jayapataka Swami
Audi GopiSister Missing u a lot....but gone spend time soon with u again.
Shruthi Love u and Shruthi Love u and miss u. Wish i could be as luck as u to be in Vrndavana.
mayaMiss you. Hope u are doin good.
Kavita GopalAlways thinking about u and missing u.
Kinkorhope u are well.
mamaniOur best cook ever cant starve beaing aroudn u.
kishore kumarHey big rascal. Miss u lots. Nice to know u r in Vrndavana.
anitaWas nice to be togather again after so long. just januvi u wore so bussy.
PriyaPriya Darsani Nice to have you around. Miss u lots.
Radha Hope all works out and that Krsna will help. I m prayin hard for it.
Gopi LilaWell back togather again.
Radha BahaktiAll is workin Krsna is takin care.
ShariShari u r so lucky. I m a lot. for every thing.
nehamiss u lots. guess u r real bussy.
Mathuramis u lots.hope everything is good with your Spiritual Life I m prayin to kris
Bisalikehey don't eat to much pizza....ha ha ha. by the way take care your health.
In Stotraratna (46),Yamunacarya writes: "My Lord, those who keep themselves independent of Your service are helpless.They work on their own account,and they recevie no support from superior authority.Therefore I long for the time when I shall engage fully in Your transcendental Loving servic without any desire for material satisfaction and without being confined to the mental plane.Only when I engage in such unalloyed devotional servic will I enjoy actual spiritaul life.
Upon hearing this statement,the lord resquested Ramananda Raya to go even further.
HARE (>>>>) K.R.S.N.A
beautifull,pic - 04/22/2008
Happy Happy Happy........
Expires: 01/01/2080

Modified: 04/17/2010
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jai ho... - 02/05/2009 (Radhika Dasi)  
Hari Bol! Thank you for your comment on my picture. How is everything in Australia?
fairy tree - 01/27/2009 ()  
Thanks, it was taken in Co. Wicklow in Ireland, just up the road from my parents house, I think in October...
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