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Name Garuda Illo/ Navadvipa Chandra
AKA Nortan, Dweeb, NCD
Birth 02/28/1982 (37 yrs old)
Gender Male
LocationHonoka'a, Hawai`i, USA
61KB, wedding.JPG, image/jpeg

This is my sister Nandini's wedding. I'm on the right and Hare on the left.
 Type  Who
BrothersRaghunath, Nama Chintamani Krishna, Abhay, Nandulal, Japamala
SisterNandini Stocker
MotherHrimati Dasi
FatherMisra Bhagavan Das
GuruRohini Suta Prabhu
GodLord Krishna and all His expansions
Friends MayapurNapster, Lilam, HKD, RKD, GKD, Sudi, Sanjay, Gauranga, VV, etc.. etc
Friends VrindavanMyster, Madam, ATD, Gopinath, Vaish, Bhima Karna, most of BGIS
Friends ElsewhereRam, Drdha, Dhruva, Hans, Several of my reletives
Hey Balkrishna, it breaks my heart to hear that you've left.... We'll all miss you.


I am now living in Hawai`i with my sister and brother-in-law. Mahalo to everyone!

Also check my site for links to some of my work. I'd like to hear your comments.

These are Gurukula's that I've been to:

Mississippi, (New Jaipur) 87-89
Mayapur, (SRPV) 96-98,99
Vrindavan, 98

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My Guestbook - 02/03/2008 (Garuda Illo/ Navadvipa Chandra)  
If someone wants to shout me a holler just drop a line here.
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