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Name Richard Villa
AKA Partha Sarathi Das
Birth 08/08/1974 (44 yrs old)
Gender Male
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LocationMiami, FL
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I was born in New Vrindavan, WV and I attended Gurukula at New Vrindavan until 1986, and then went to Vrindavan, India Gurukula for a year. I left the Gurukula and moved to New York in 1988. I am not in touch with many Gurukulis, except for a few that I went to school with at NV.

To some, I am the infamous "ex"-Gurukuli who sued NV and ISKCON prior to the larger Nirmal-led lawsuit settled recently for many Gurukulis. In a way, I paved the way for the current settled suit. When I originally filed my law suit, I attempted to make into a class action for NV Gurukulis, but was summarily rejected and ostracized by many of my former Gurukulis when I attended the 1996 NV Reunion. Many of those that talked bad about me and wondered aloud why I was suing subsequently joined the Wendell Turley/Nirmal lawsuit after it became "acceptable" to seek justice for wrongs committed.

I applaud the settlement of the Turley suit, and I am quite happy that my original suit has been vindicated by the subsequently settled lawsuit and the money that victims of ISKCON received. My hope is that we never forget the wrongs that happened and that ISKCON recognizes many in the "lost generation" turned away from Krishna Consciousness because of their inability to follow the Guru's true teachings and abused their positions of power to rape and pillage their temples and hapless souls who inhabited the temples and looked to these "leaders" for spiritual guidance only to be abused and used for the purposes of their self-serving visions.

I am no longer bitter about my experience and have accepted by past for what it is. Anybody who reads this should feel free to contact me with any feedback, positive or negative, they may have.
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