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Name BB
AKA Revati
Birth 01/05/1986 (32 yrs old)
Gender Unknown
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Jaipur, Vipassana course
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matagaura priya
pita breadnitai dasa
step momatma shakti
sisradha priya
nephew nilamani
Haribolo Spirit soulos,

Everyone come to KulimeLA! ...and the 24 hr. kirtan in birmingham this saturday :)

Looks like I'm going to start law school at UF this fall. Any devotees living in Gainesville, looking for a roommate?
Go Gators!

Radhe Shyam!
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i love indian boys named sabri! - 05/28/2009 ()  
i know! i mis you too! you got a new profile... lol... yea we just got together on sunday:D where are you right now?
Hey, I've got a guestbook! - 05/18/2009 (BB)  
Everyone should come to the Italy festival also :) Festivals nonstop yo.
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