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Name Sanatan
AKA Sana, Bombaywalla
Birth 07/17/1981 (37 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contacts
LocationMira Road/Juhu....
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Standing : Murari Baho Lilam Sudama Kalyan
Sitting:Bhanu Myself Gundi
 Type  Who
FatherSrikanta Das
MotherNirmala DD
God BlessThe bombay underground music scene

And lo! here I am again. Latest news: work WORK work, boring but it pays
And lo! here I am again. Latest news: work WORK work, boring but it plays:)
the bombay festival was great and the kids drama the best

LILAM hame tumse pyaar kitna... remember? :), MAHABAHO,KALYAN,MURARI,VRISHABHANU,GUNDI,BHISMA(AUS),RUPA,JADU MY BRO HARINAM N HIS WIFE DEEPALI AND NOW THEIR LIL BABY,SPECIAL HI TO YOU TWO BROS JAGGGU..chillout,AND BRIJMOHAN..saale bombay aane ka plan kya hua, GOPI...okay man the pizza's sucked that day..but thanks neways man :D,HANUMAN,LIL FRENCH GOVINDA how u doin man,VINODJI---kyon be mote..vrindavan mein chillout kar raha hein,SHYAM AND GOVINDA,SUBIR AND GOURANGA,JIGGS,PUT AND BHELA,CHITRAKETU..ur were studying to be MBA right?,PRAHALAD
THE GIRLS:) THE FAMOUS FRENCH RADHA KUNTA AND BALARAMPRIYA...HAD A GREAT TIME IN MUMBAI ?:)...movies were definately fun ...,PUSHPA...when are u comin back funnygirl,RADHARANI(AUS),THE VERY VERY NICE SHAKUNTALAJI :) ..u are so cute :D...respect,the Italians VAIKUNTHA AND NEELA,SHYAMAPRIYA DAUJI AND KAMALA THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE ENCOURAGEMENT ...appreciate ur help,PARAM ..well we hardly ever talked,CHAITANYA..i just got to know u..,SARAH :),

To guys whom I havent met for years, RADHIKA..of mumbai...mumbai misses u, Vrinda and Ramapriya NZ waddup guys, SRI DRUVA man how u doin in good ol' ruskiland... convey my regards to Bhisma if u see him, PRAHLAD whats cookin in Kazakland my friend, VISHWAMBAR bostonwaala come back to india, Arjuna miami boy write sometimes, KESHAV in philly abe saale phir kabhi ayega? :),Vishnupriya my dear friend from aus.. go to Sydney,JAANAKI JACQUES how u doin my friend whom i know for only one day :D but feels like forever, GOVINDA come back again mate :),Krishnambara (UK), Puri(mayapur), Abhimanyu (deutschland?),Arjuna (miami), u guys were in bombay long ago come back again or write atleast...., CHAITANYA (BAHRAIN) keep writing,Nimai and Shiva<<--wantin to be with everyone again,
To everyone in are all so wonderful.. LOVE ALL OF YA ..

If ive forgotten to put in ur name... now's ur chance to hit me the much awaited email. :)

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Creation Date: 11/07/2001
Last Updated: 02/01/2003
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