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Name Govinda das
AKA Govi
Birth 12/07/1980 (38 yrs old)
Gender Male
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LocationMAnila Philippines
No Picture
F need to scare some rats and roaches just give me a ring I'll send you one!
 Type  Who
Lord KrishnaMy dearest Lord and savior! Jai Sri Krishna! Jai Sri Hari!
Gopal Krishna dasHey dude! Sorry my heads blank 4 now!
Jairadhe deviJai Radhe Jai Krishna! Jaya Radhe Govinda! Keep cool! Be in Vraj!
Vrajanath dasGrow up dude stay away from ur mama! Luv ya lot's!
Mahadvadasi ddMy younger sister, yup Maha Prabhu ki Jai!
Hari dasYounger brother! Pataba ka pa! I mean keep on kickin' that bass guitar
Pancha dasLittle bro! Keep beatin those mrdnagas and show them how good you are!
Paramatma dasLittle bro keep teasin' the little gurukuli girls in the temple! But be gentle
Vamana dasmy little angelic voice bro, keep practicingsomeday u might end up a singer!
Trvikrama dasThe youngest amongst my brother, the yogi who can streatch a hundred miles!
Well im kindda speechless right now, so I can only say! Jai Radhe Govinda!
Hit Count: 1895
Creation Date: 11/28/2001
Last Updated: 11/28/2001
Profile ID: 622

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