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Name Radha kunda "The Guy"
AKA Radha , Plimo
Birth 02/24/1985 (34 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other ContactsAIM: im108radha

Yahoo: radha_ugo

MSN : radha_ugo
Location Alachua FL USA
15KB, C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Pictures\radha.bmp, image/jpeg

The one and Olny .....Me!!
 Type  Who
FatherVasudeva Parayana d
MotherCandra mukhi dd
BrothersSyama kunda and Alvars
cousinsKalindi - Madhavi - Narayana
sistersMaha Laksmi
sistersLalita kunda
sistersSita kunda
friendArjuna (Plimo)
friendMadhvacarya (Mud)
friendRamananda roy (ram)
friendBaladev ( bala)
friendRaghunath (Guni)
LoquitaKrsnaa fitch
GrandfatherSrila Prabhupada......thank you so much!!
Whats Up Cooly's??!!!!

Well ...its been a wile since I last updated my profile so i figured I told you some of my new stuff...but guess what? ...Everything is prety much the same thing since last time I updates this profile so I guess nothing new to say to you guys...Dont know me? Just read about me in the Text down below ..and if you know me and im not big new's then just move on to the next profile man.

See you Haribolo!!!!

Hare krsna!!!!!
!!how you doing my dear spirit souls!!

Many people wondered who I was every time I went on line to chat with the coolys.....Some people thought I was the radha kunda from australia ....some thought I was the one from Canada ......Or maybe the colombian girl from alachua......Even worst some Indian guys thought I was a Indian girl looking for husband on line.....
But the truth is that I'm none of those.

My name is Radha kunda ,my frinds call me "radha" not "kundi" like some people call's me on line .
I went to peru gurukul for 8 years ,and then spent some time in other countrys with my family.....but u know something...... I feel like telling you a little bit of my life to you guys so if you have the time enjoy:

After 8 succesfoul years at the gurukul in Peru ,my family decided to move to Uruguay in hopes to improve my father's health problems ,8 months after we moved ...... death happened to pass by my house to take my father away....... years of sorrow and pain took my heart away from the right path of light... and darkness lead the way ....all my friends were in forein lands ..there was no temple nor devotees in this country was only Krsna my faith and.... me .
Three years later I decided to do a change in my life after a mysterious dream I had so then I decided to pack and meet the outside world and fight against the demons of my heart and the agents of Maya.........
I crossed the river and joined a group of brahmacaris in Argentina .. and then started to travel around the world with my brahmacary friends and sarted to do book distribution .... many battles we fought on the four corners of the world and ... finally after two years of great battles I felt tired and decide to rest for some time so... I went to the place were every body goes when they feel burned out.. the place was "Alachua" the great land of the tired warriors of ISKCON.

And I rested there but lonliness took my heart and my pain wasn't gone so then I prayed to Krishna and Radha to send an angel to help me cure the wounds from war.
And few months later an Oracle predicted that an angel was coming .....and few days later the angel came and held me with her arms ......and the pain and lonliness was gone and great happiness came instead.

So I've been here for two years and I got the chance to see some of my old friends from gurukul and slowly everything its going better.

So if u were touch by my life ,please dont doubt about writig me or email me or just add me to your messenger service .......Im Sure I'll be a good friend for you !!!

Hare krishna !!!
And please contact me that
U will find a nice soul in this body

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