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Name Ananda Tirtha Das (vivaha announcement)
Birth 05/21/1974 (44 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other ContactsYahoo! Messenger: satyaki108
LocationNot fixed. Mayapur, Vrindavan, Oz, etc.
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Lord Visnu's lotus footprint, Gaya. Safari 2005
 Type  Who
Mother & Godsister:Suci Rani Dasi (31-3-1951 to 5-1-2004)
Father:Banke Bihari Das
Friends:Mayapur crew from '88 on
Bride-to-beRadha Sundari DD
Guru Maharaja:H. H. Prabhavisnu Swami
Favourite saying:"In ISKCON it's easier to get forgiveness than to get permission."
Fetish:Smelling ghee lamp fumes--try it!
Latest update:

Dear Everyone,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Most of you would have received my earlier announcement about my graduation
(samavartana-samskara) and intention to enter grhastha-asrama. As a
follow-up to that, this letter is to inform you that the date for my vivaha
(wedding) is May 27 here in Mayapur, and to invite you all to attend to
bless the occasion.

I should take the opportunity to thank you all for the approximately 100
letters my previous announcement generated. It was extremely touching and
humbling to feel so much support from all of you. Please forgive me if I did
not personally reply to your letters--the sheer volume was too much to
handle even for an e-mail addict Iike me! But I pray for your continued
blessings and good wishes for my life in the grhastha-asrama.

A few words about the bride-to-be are in order:

Her name is Radha Sundari Devi Dasi, aged 26, a close and early disciple of
HH Radhanath Swami. She is of Punjabi descent, born in the UK (where her
parents met Srila Prabhupada) and brought up in Punjab and the US. From an
early age she had the fortune of the association of her Guru Maharaja and
senior devotees like Hladini Dasi (the legendary mataji who was martyred in

For the last three years she had been mainly been performing secretarial
services under HH Bhakti Caru Swami. She is well liked and appreciated by
many devotees and considered very qualified both materially and spiritually.

Before making this decision, I consulted several senior devotees who know me
well and some of them also met Radha Sundari. My father was also very
involved. The feedback was unanimously positive, and the astrological and
general compatibility were also good. I should also add that my dear late mother would be happy both that I am taking this step, and with the bride-to-be.

She and I have met a couple of times and been in regular touch by e-mail and
phone. We're happy to find that we share many of same beliefs and interests
in Krsna consciousness and are both satisfied with the way things have
developed. This may seem to be happening fast, but all of us concerned have
thought about it and see no reason to wait: "subhasya sighram"!

After the vivaha, both sides of the family will travel to Puri. And then
later in June, after a few days in Sri Vrindavan Dham, Radha Sundari and I
will be spending a few weeks helping train the devotees in Iran, following
which we plan to spend some months in Perth to meet our friends and
relatives there and work on my mother's memorial. We plan to return to
Vrindavan for Karttika and then plan on setting up our base in Mayapur.

So, again, please continue to offer your blessing to us (there is nothing
more potent than the blessings of the Vaisnavas!), and if you cannot be with
us in person on May 27, then at least kindly be with us in spirit. . . .

My apologies if you get this letter more than once and also if I'm not able
to personally reply to all your responses. . . .

Hare Krishna!

Your servants,

Ananda Tirtha Das & family


Radha Sundari Devi Dasi & family

PS. Depending on your time zone, hope you are having, have had, or will
have, a wonderful Nrsimha Caturdasi festival!

Pasting a recent email with the latest from me. The only other thing is that some of you might have noticed that my darling "Pic of the Week" profile was sadly disabled by one of our over-zealous moderators. . . I'll eventually get around to re-doing it.

Mayapur, April 30 2005

Haribol everyone,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Just wanted to inform you all that on Thursday I had my samavartana-samskara, (graduation ceremony).

For those that may not know, the main upshot of this function is that I officially put on white as a preparatory step before entering the householder asrama. After a full twelve years in saffron this was no trifling matter for me, and I was suitably nervous, though thankfully the transition has been much smoother than I thought it would be. . . .

Anyway, I strongly believe that taking this step will refocus me and bring out my largely dormant potential, an opinion my dear late mother had too,
notwithstanding my many years as a pretty fixed brahmacari. My biggest regret is her absence. :(

Shortly before she passed away, she assured me that Gopinatha would look after me, something which I have meditated on a lot since then. I hope and
pray that this present opportunity is an arrangement of His for my ultimate betterment. I pray also to to be able to keep my sights, as far as possible,
on the ultimate goal of Krsna consciousness and not be overly distracted by this upcoming new phase of life.

I think that those of you who have spent time with me over the last few years will agree that this is the right step for me at this point of my life. I hope others won't be disappointed to hear of it.

Thanks to everyone for all your friendship and support. I'll admit that I feel sorely underprepared for this upcoming mega-shift in my life, so I seek
more advice and blessings from all of you. . . .

Hare Krishna.

Your servant, ATD

Ps. And yes, there is a nice girl already lined up, an arrangement which has developed over the last few months. It's not totally official yet so I won't
ask give the details, but my father, Gurukula Maharaja, and other senior devotees have already given their approval. Will keep you informed about
further developments and timings. . . .

Jan 2005

Well, I guess it's time for the bi-annual update. I don't feel at home much on this site so I rarely update. Instead I put more energy into "Pic of the Week" which has become a popular profile for the right reasons.

Anyway, since the last update, I was mostly in Oz, but also attended the installation in Fiji and visited NZ too. All good fun. Since Karttika have been mostly in Vrindavan and will go to Mayapur soon. Long term plans still unclear. . . .

Recently we held the first anniversary of my mother's passing. It was nice, Aindra did a fired-up kirtan for over an hour, then 10-12 devotees spoke of their memories of my mother. Even I learnt things I hadn't known, or appreciated aspects of her personality that I wasn't so aware of. We ended with a feast at home for about 60 devotees. I'm still trying to keep my faith up in her blessings and Gopinatha's protection, though what this may mean practically is not evident to me yet.

Check out some of my writings: The Gurukuli Throb, and TKG Disappearance Memories.

See you all in a few months then. Haribol!

May 2004
Haribol everyone,

I don't like birthdays much, especially my own. And this one is particularly uncomfortable since it's the first since my mother passed away, and my the end of my twenties(!). What to do?

So we had a little get-together today here in sweltering Vrindavan. Some kirtana and CC reading and then honoured the Raja-bhoga maha from the temple, followed by some KC viewing. The invitees whom you readers might know were Dhruva, Gopal, Bhima Karma & Rati-keli, and their baby, Kamala.

It's been a strange few months since the last update, which was the night my mother passed away (see below). The Pancatattva installation was the most spiritually enlivening event I've ever attended and a much needed tonic for my low spirits. Apart from that, however, there hasn't been much worth mentioning. Mostly been in Vrindavan without much like-minded association. Still processing my mother's loss. It feels like a piece of my heart is missing and is hard to imagine spending the rest of my life without the person most dear to me. . . . :(

The next phase is going back to Oz to sort out her will, which is a necessary taks, but one which I'm not expecting to be any fun. The devotees in Perth will no doubt be full of affection and sympathy, which is what I feel a lack of now, but at the same time memories of my mother will come to the fore there too. . . .

I should mention that I'm pretty disappointed with the little support I've gotten from all my 'friends' at this low point in my life, but at the same time I understand that only one who has gone through the experience of losing a devotee parent can relate to the emotions involved. . . some of you have been helpful though, for which I'm grateful. I'm not going to play the 'Name Game', but should mention Dhruva, Haribhaktivilasa, and Haridasa, who were around during the time, and Gauranga Kishor, my new-found friend. Other 'kulis' who are helped or are still helping, mostly via email, are Karnamrita, Manu, Jiggz (you *just* made it here!), Sachidevi, and Gaura Vani Coupal. I would like to contact and share things with more fellow gurukulis who have undergone such a loss, so if you are one or know one who would like to discuss, please write to me.

Anyway, it's not all doom and gloom. Just have to keep chanting, reading, and praying for shelter. Adversities should bring us closer to Krsna.

And lastly, here's a letter my mother wrote for my birthday two years ago.

Hare Krishna, ATD

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

Letter PAMHO:4310572 (31 lines)
From: Suci Rani (dd) PVS (Perth - AU)
Date: 20-May-01 20:49 -0400 (09:49 +0900)
To: Ananda Tirtha (das) PVS (Mayapur Gurukula, SRPV - IN) [11072]
Subject: a mother's prayer
Dear Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha,

Although I know that my son is not really my son, but your eternal servant,
I have some special affection, which I think is very natural.

Today is the anniversary of the day that he took birth in his present body,
and by your mercy his life has taken an auspicious direction. He has
received the greatest opportunity available to a human being - the knowledge
that our real existence is with You in Goloka Vrndavana - far beyond this
material plane; and knowledge of the process for reawakening that

This is certainly a rare and special gift that You have given him, and now
my prayer is that You always continue to help him to make progress on that
path. The material energy is very strong, and binds us here in so many gross
and subtle ways. We constantly remain in need of Your special mercy, because
we all have a long way to go to really develop pure love for You. So if a
mother's prayer has any value, please bless him that he may quickly develop
realisation of the difference between mundane and spiritual life. I know you
will not force his choice, that will always be up to him, but You can
certainly help him to gain realisations of the consequences of following
these two paths. I am confident that, after gaining some personal
realisation, he will be wise enough to choose the path of eternal bliss in
preference to gaining insignificant temporary happiness in this world.

If You help him to come back to You, then maybe at the end of his life he
will also remember his poor mother, like Dhruva Maharaja, and then I will
also have a chance to come back to Your abode!

Please be kind and hear this prayer of Your insignificant aspiring dasi,
Suci Rani
(Text PAMHO:4310572) ---------------------------------------

------- End of Forwarded Message ------

Jan 6, 2004

My mother left her body last night. Read more:


Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

This is just a short note to inform you that HG Sucirani Dasi, of
Perth, Australia, left her body a few hours ago, on the evening of January
5. She had been diagnosed with cancer exactly one year ago, and although it
was kept in check for the first six months or so, thereafter her condition
deteriorated rapidly.

Her passing away, however, was most auspicious. Following in the footsteps
of Srila Prabhupada and so many of our Vaisnava acaryas, she was able to
quit her material body in Krishna's own land of Vrindavan, with minimal
pain, and in the presence of devotees loudly chanting the Hare Krishna

For days prior to her leaving, letters of encouragement and appreciation had
been pouring in from her devotee friends around the world, and she was also
blessed with the association of many saintly devotees here in Vrindavan. In
particular, Bhurijana Prabhu and Jagattarini Mataji, her siksa-gurus and
longstanding friends, spent many hours preparing her for this final test.

Also of particular help to her was the maha-mantra kirtana that Aindra and
Madhava Prabhus had been leading in her room every evening for the last five
days. We offer our most humble respects and gratitude to all the devotees who
gave time to help Sucirani in her final days.

It is clear to all of us who were serving her that Sri Sri Radha Krishna had
forcibly taken charge of her last days and orchestrated everything in such a
perfect way that she was able to let go of her remaining attachments to this
world and leave in such an auspicious manner.

Although nothing could have been better for her, still the loss of her
association is a grievous blow to her friends and family. . . .

Please offer your prayers and best wishes to her soul, which is now
hopefully on its final upward journey towards the eternal service of her
worshipable Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha, and may her example inspire us in our
own attempts at krsna-bhakti.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON guru-vrinda, and all glories to
Her Grace Suci Rani Dasi.

More reports will be forthcoming.

Your servants,

Banke Bihari Das (husband)
Ananda Tirtha Das (son)

(as well as the following devotees who cared full time for Sucirani during
her final days: Mother Kaulini, Palika Dasi, Bhaktin Rachel, and Surbhi.)

26/7/03: Six months in Perth have flown by and it's back to India tomorrow. Accomplished a few things while here, driver's licence, English Teaching course, etc. Did a lot of work around our ashram, Gopinatha Dham, too. Check out Gopinatha's website. Was invited to Sydney temple for their Janmastami yajna and spent 10 enjoyable days there. Guess I'll meet some of you at Karttika. Haribol everyone.

And my mother is going to Brazil to see if the famous healer there can help cure her cancer. :(


Well, it's been about nine months since I updated this, and considering that about half the people here seem to update their profiles every few hours, I suppose it's about time, no? I just hope my profile doesn't get uncomfortably sandwiched between ones of the err, "wrong" type? ;) Now where's Nitai Radha Syamasundari Jagannath Suta Kapileshvara Sri Govind Kishen Anudas when you need him? ;)

Frivolity aside, the sad news from me is that I'm back in my sleepy hometown to spend some time with my mother, who, most unfortunately, has been diagnosed with secondary cancer. . . we're still hoping and praying for her recovery. Hare Krishna.

Note: I've made only minor changes to the text below. So no need to re-read it, unless you want to, of course. Aren't I thoughtful now? :)

Haribol gang,

I've been on the VY conference for years and browse this site quite often too, but only just felt like putting myself on it.

I suppose a bit of history is in order:

Born and brought up in Perth, Australia. My Dad's a Punjabi Hindu and Mum's an Aussie. Nice combo, isn't it? :) Joined ISKCON in 1986. Two happy years spent at the now-defunct New Gaudadesh farm and Gurukula in Australia, and then went to Mayapur Gurukula in 1988.

Was there for all of 12 years, and enjoyed it, though in retrospect I realize I should have learnt a lot more stuff than I did. Eventually became an asrama and academic teacher under Gurukula Maharaja (Bhaktividya Purna Swami). Got to travel to many temples in India and abroad to take part in installations and other such ceremonies.

Since 2000 I've officially been connected to the BBT as Jayadvaita Swami's apprentice in writing and editing. This might sound big, but it's not really. Get to travel a bit with him, mostly in India but twice to Europe too, mainly at the BBT in Sweden.

As you might gather from the picture, I like travelling and visiting devotees in places off the "beaten track": Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, etc. I generally write travel diaries of each place I visit, so if you're interested to read them let me know and I'll unleash 'em on you. . . .

I have a special interest to keep in touch with all ex-mayapura gurukulis, and am the organizer of the email conference of this name. Unfortunately, most of the guys can't be bothered or are too shy to write about themselves. . . shame.

I'm an email addict and a die-hard cricket freak, so if any of you guys out there are too, we've got a lot to talk about. . . .

Take care, and don't forget to brush your teeth! :)

AT the Das

PS. To hear or download the speeches given in honour of Tamal Krishna Maharaja during his disappearance festival in Mayapur, please use the following link:

The best for me were Rukmini Mataji, Jahnava Mataji, and Govinda Maharaja's bhajan.
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