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Name N i y a t i ~ * ~
AKA the "Goddess" ;-), ver...., sparkles
Birth 10/07/1981 (37 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other ContactsMSN:
Location~~NYC baby!!~~ come visit! you know you want to ;-)
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 Type  Who
FatherNikunjabihari das
MotherShobhamayi devi dasi
My Amazing BrooklynVishaka, Ramya, Saci, Devi, Srngara, Mangal, Damodar, Diana, Mena (Madan),
Temple Family :-)Janaki, Sudamani, Seva, Acyuta, Janaki & Ananta, Shezana, da Raghubar boyz,
Akhil, Amrita,Alexis, the spicegirls Lalita, Shelly, Visnupriya Latchmee...etc.
And of courseI cant forget about Yamuna("yamcrackers"), Lila, Shara, Krsnaa,
Kamala, Rati,Vish,Shraddha...Vrinda, Aditi, Nara (where are youuu guys?!),
Bhagavan, Ananga, Ambika, Tirtha, Tanya, Sandeepa, Junior, Omarahe, Radha and
Nikunja (you two need to come back to Bklyn temple!),
And I've gotta giveTulasi, Raseshwar,Sachidoodle and all the wonderful BVPs..Palaka.. m.u.,ilp
shout outs toGangi,Shanti, Manjari,KrsnaDhama, Kishori, Nandu, Rasa, Narada,Gita, Yadu,
Ambaalika, Vrinda and Vishaka, JyotiKrsna, and my ultra fine dancing partners:
Krsna Shakti, Amrita, Radha Vijai, Vrinda and Sunayana!
Saci da matajimy partner in could i live without youuuu i wanna know :-P
Jalebismy favorite sweet!!!!! omg i love jalebis!!!! i cant live without them!!!!
your sweetness has always kept me focused...thank you :-)
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"All of us, leaders in particular require spiritual weapons for survival...we must become strong and stand firm...we must fortify ourselves by learning to live on a higher level"

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

All glories to Srimati Radharani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Sri Govinda's unconditional love and mercy, things are going great...ive met some wonderful souls this year, im about to graduate and start my career soon, and trying my best to remain focused in Krsna consciousness.

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