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Name Neha
AKA Nay-nay,evil one, cutie, shawtie...n' da list goes on...n' on...
Birth 02/04/1987 (32 yrs old)
Gender Female
Email aim: Sw33tpoison03
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LocationChicago, IL
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 Type  Who
Julianmy juju...*mwa*
Sandifunny how history keeps repeatin' itself wit u n' meh...o well still wuv yaz!
Neha#2well missy, i guess i'ma start callin' u Nehi frm now on..
Sapnaay gurl havent seen ya in a long while
Shankiehey look i removed wat u wanted me to . =) happy?
Kalindiheeheee im so sowwie kali, lol it's been a while since i've been on this site=/
Kishani wanna see u guys perform!! tell me when your CD's out!
Harunlong time no see...miss meh?
Saraswoh!captain of da pom's!? so proud of u!!ey maybe u can help meh sum...
JaseOmg!! you looka lika porcupine!!
Laxmi, Kinnari,DomiWho are you people? I havn't seen you guys forever!
sup y'all

well as u kno already..mah name's Neha. Originally from Nepal. born and raised there until i was 10. came st8 to chicago n' now it's mah home...i havent really been to this site or to da temple in a while...but n-e-wayz, If u wanna talk to me or know me a lil' more...then go ahead and im me on aim or email me. i'm sure i'll talk to as long as u're not boring..=) jus playin' ehhe' so well...hey check out mah fren's profile (name's listed above) i think they all have one. btw sandi's my evil twin.(our bday's are a day apart..she's aday older than me!! not fair dont u think so?) Neha #2 as in Neha Mehra stole my name itz ok , i got used to it. sapna & shankie i miss hanging wit guys!! um....okay i'm too tired to type now so...bub-bye. *muwahz*
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Creation Date: 06/22/2002
Last Updated: 07/25/2003
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