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Name Ananda Manjari / Avalon
AKA Avie, Nanda, Scamalon, Aunt Avie
Birth 11/21/1985 (32 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other ContactsThere are ways to get a hold of me. It's expensive to call Thailand.
LocationNow in Toronto, lived in Thailand, NY, and Florida
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Me, India, Nrsimha in Tampa
 Type  Who
In order of birth:Sesa (aka Sesh-the-base, say-dog)
Devin (aka D)
Me :-)
India (aka Indie, Indie-bindie)
Devin's Wife:Tiffany (aka Tiffy, T)
Their Kids:
Catrina, Gianna, Alexia, and Adrianana.
Sesa's Kids:Kashi & Varsana
Best Buddy:NRSIMHA:
I MISS YOU SO MUCH GIRL! If I can do it you can too.
My Husband:Adrian..... :-)
To all my friends:Tundra koon ka!
To ppl I dislike:Pen he ali? Moung he ali? Koon ba mak!
To all guys I dislikKoon hum lek!
To all girl dislikeKoon dogtaung!
Fav Question:Koon yak dude ganja mai?
Answer:Oi...Yak ka.
I got married on July 31st to my wonderful husband Adrian. He must be crazy if he had the guts to marry me. I love him so much!

I have just recently moved to Toronto with him. We have got an apartment right in downtown. So if there are any devotees that are in Toronto, e-mail me.

To my two best friends in the world, Nrsimha & India:

It's so hard to have you two a million miles away.
I can't get in the car, drive around the corner and come pick you guys up anymore. :-(
Being upset about you two guys is now a daily thing.
But I guess all I can do is just think about the good times, and the good times we will create again.
I miss you two.
I want you two to know that I pray for you guys everyday, and I am always thinking about you two.

I love you guys so much, especially all that we have been through.

Love always,

Lost in Bangkok


I have many names, so pick one. I didn't list all of my nick names, because 90% them I didn't find approriate. So I am from NY, Buffalo that is. Went to Gurukula at Mother Urmila's (so all the ppl from NC that remember me from all those years ago, hi!).

Then, well I can barely remember what I did five minutes ago, let alone what I did many years ago after I left gurukula.

Well sometime or another I ended up in Alachua! Now, I hi to everyone there, miss you guys greatly! Bangkok is killing me! I really want to come back but I have to finish school.

Yeah, I said school, actually college. It's weird me, COLLEGE. To all you parents in ALACHUA WHO ALWAYS ABSOLUTELY HATED ME FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER, I AM IN COLLEGE! (Calm down Avie)

50% of you guys back home I can't wait to see you.

And the other 50%, I would love to smack you people across the face. You all know who you are.

Wow, my mood changes so fast, I wanted to edit my profile and be all sweet, lovey dovey, but I guess Clockwork Orange really got the better of my mantality.

For you who don't know me, Hi, I am a very open minded person, so please forgive and enjoy.

Alright I gotta go.

Love always,

A true friend, Avalon

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